22 July 2017 For my first WordCamp, I did a WordPress Developer 101 talk on security. It was shorter than I would have liked, and I got a lot of questions after the talk about what I should have covered. There is a lot to cover in regards to security, so I wasn’t surprised to get responses like that. I do hope what I did cover was useful. Synopsis: No matter the size of the site, getting hacked is a painful process to deal with.

22 May 2017 I’ve been wanting to do this talk for a while. During my time at STAT, I’ve had to be creative with using WP_Query, so using the code I’ve written for the site were the perfect examples for the talk. I’m still working on getting my “Um” count down and other nervous habbits, but I’m getting more comfortable speaking in public. Synopsis: WP_Query is a crucial piece of WordPress.

25 April 2016 This is my first ever talk. I was extremely nervous, despite discussing a subject I like to talk about. I think the talk was well received, and there were some great questions. Synopsis: Self hosting WordPress offers more freedom and flexibility than using WordPress.com, but there are still restrictions. With the dropping prices and increasing performance of Virtual Private Servers, self hosting not just your website, but your entire server is quite possible.

Jim Reevior

BostonWP & Boston WordCamp co-organizer
Web Developer for STAT.